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Buy Filefactory Premium from Premium.Us - Authorized Reseller - Easy & IMMEDIATELY Delivery


  • ** Instant Delivery
  • No waiting
  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Resume Support

30 Days

  • ** Instant Delivery
  • No waiting
  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Resume Support

90 Days

  • ** Instant Delivery
  • No waiting
  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Resume Support

180 Days

  • ** Instant Delivery
  • No waiting
  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Resume Support

365 Days

  • ** Instant Delivery
  • No waiting
  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Resume Support

730 Days


What's FileFactory.com?

FileFactory operates based on four main principles, which are Host it, Stream it, Upload it, and Share it. Any person can host their files on the FileFactory servers. It is a good opportunity for people looking to store a backup of their private data. It does not always have to be private data, but also movies or music so that you can share with friends. Not many companies offer the stream feature. Upload any audio file onto FileFactory website and you can stream it from anywhere in the world. There is no additional cost for the streaming service.

It seems like many people are always looking for ways on how to share their content with other people. FileFactory makes the sharing part so easy by linking the uploaded content to other platforms. All you need to do is choose the file you want public and choose your favorite social media platform. It is easy to lock the folders and files with passwords. This ensures that only that person with the password can download your content. There is something special for the premium users. They get to enjoy fast, uninterrupted speeds with rare cases of broken links. All the links are regularly checked to avoid cases of inconveniences.


Why buy FileFactory from premium.us?

Because we are FileFactory Reseller - a Professionally Authorized Reseller. We are using 256-bit encryption in SSL secure on all page and 1-click checkout to make our customer feels comfortable. Of course, fast delivery is important feature which we provide.

What are advantages of FileFactory Premium?

Buying FileFactory Premium Member Token from FileFactory PayPal Reseller to get premium benefits:

Get faster downloads
FileFactory is compatible with most download managers, so you can download much faster than free members.

Downloads start instantly
Switch on the Direct Downloads feature in your account and your downloads will start immediately, without having to visit our site.

Free 100GB TrafficShare
Give downloaders of your files fast, ad-free downloads by using the TrafficShare feature in your account. 100GB monthly limit

Resume interrupted downloads
Tired of incomplete files? Premium members can resume broken downloads using any compatible download manager.

Service Features Free Premium
File Download Speed Up to 100KB/s Unlimited
Maximum parallel downloads 1 Unlimited
File storage time 90 days Unlimited
Max upload file size 5GB 5GB
Max download file size 5GB 5GB
Direct downloads
Download limits Hourly limit Unlimited
Download wait timer Average wait Instant downloads
Fast downloads
Download resume support
Download manager support
Banner ads and popups Some None
Hotlink your files
Upload with FTP
Priority customer service support
Manage files with folders
Delete and rename files


***How to activate Filefactory Premium Voucher:

1. You will receive a Filefactory premium voucher like this: 6299B875F866A13CAAAAAAAAAAA24534

2. You should be log in : http://filefactory.com/member/signin.php

( If you haven't account at Filefactory, you just need to sign up: http://filefactory.com/member/signup.php )

3. Make sure you are logged in. Then access this link: http://filefactory.com/reseller/claimtoken.php

4. Put your voucher code in field "Enter Token", and click on "Continue"

alberto drago posted on 2018-12-22 23:41:18

It worked.Tnx For assistance...problem was resolved!

Problems with type of web browser.......i've tryed with mozilla firefox and finally...it work!

Regards from Italy and tnx ;)

--A Filefactory.com's customer